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Source candidates through email

Are you looking to get in contact with more potential people to hire? Pandier is the ideal go to partner for you. We help you get leads with email for you to get in touch with.

We take leads through LinkedIn and other sources and include a personal icebreaker to ensure your email stands out. You can then reach out at scale to potential hires to boost your hiring funnel.

Boost your candidate inflow…

Get list of candidates to reach out to.
Give feedback on seniority and other requirements.
We scale the outreach campaign. You have full transparancy the entire way.

Find the right candidates for your company.

Take control of the hiring process and reach out to candidates that are a good fit for your company.

Build direct relationships with candidates.

Reach out over email and own the relationship with candidates. Don't be locked in to LinkedIn for all your sourcing.

Develop long term relationships.

Not every candidate is a great fit right now. Keep in touch over email and develop the relationship for a later hire or introductions.

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