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Tired of manually importing LinkedIn candidates into a spreadsheet? Use our chrome extension to save leads into a Google Spreadsheet and save hours of your time.

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Collect all information directly in a Google Spreadsheet.
Import candidates to the ATS of your choice.

Get started with an easy to use lead tracking plugin.

Are you working on LinkedIn, GitHub or other platforms to source candidates to hire? Tired of manually tracking and following up with all the candidates? Export all activity to a google spreadsheet in seconds through our Chrome Extension.

Get started in minutes with our no fuss solution. Don't get locked into a specific ATS system. With our plugin you have full control of your data in a spreadsheet and can export and manipulate it as you please.

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Save hours of your day with Pandier Candidate Sourcing Tool.

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We've made the product ridiculously easy to use. Export all the candidate information automatically to a spreadsheet.

Customize outreach message

Customize outreach and follow up messages. Add a personlized icebreaker and send it over whatever platform you're using.

Import to your favourite ATS system.

Import data to the system of your choice: ATS, Trello, or keep workign in the system of your choice.

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